There's no more important question to ask yourself when you are buying media than who receives it. A BPA Brand Report answers the question for you. While many will tell you so-and-so receives it, or this market receives it, it is BPA who delivers the assurance of those statements.


BPA's stringent processes assure you that the media owner's audience(s) conforms to their claims. For example, the Business/Occupation breakout, which is just a piece of the entire audit, that assurance is in the form of verifying:

  1. the field (business and industry) served by the publication is what the publisher says it is, and;
  2. the profile of the people who receive it (something the publisher must also provide) is who they say they are.


In fact, the BPA report is one of the best tools you can use to evaluate and purchase media.


BPA provides the assurance of a third-party that confirms "it is what it is." In other words, BPA is your reference that what the publisher is saying to you is accurate, and most important, auditable. That way, you know what you are purchasing, and why BPA makes media buying more accurate.


Every media owner has a say in the type of information provided in the audit because every audience is different. Some audits are simple, and only include a few classifications. Others are more complex. Some report NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) breakouts. Each media owner decides what they want to share with you, and BPA provides the assurance that "it is what it is."

In the world of media choices, BPA is more than just a timesaver to help you make media decisions better. Our audits offer a wealth of information on the audiences you are trying to reach, courtesy of the media owner. When you compare your customer/prospect profiles to that of the media you are considering for your media campaigns, knowledge will result. The Business/Occupation breakout shows exactly this.

When evaluating your media purchase, take a closer look at the Business/Occupation breakout. It makes media buying better!

And if you need more or different data, ASK FOR IT! Only if you ask will the media owner understand the importance of the data to you.


"How does the Business/Occupation breakout relate to the Source/Age breakout?"

Both data tables in a report give you a close look at the audience that receives your messages. While Business/Occupation gives you information about WHO receives the publication, Source/Age tells you WHERE they came from, and HOW LONG they've been in the file. This is just as critical as "who" receives it, since it will show you the "age" of the audience data.