BPA's Communications Channel Analysis shows you how individuals interact AMONG the channels, so you can SEE cross-selling opportunities.

People are complex. These days, they consume information through a variety of channels. They go to trade shows, read magazines, Google the Internet, and read e-newsletters. How is the media buyer supposed to make an informed decision on hitting such a diverse target?


The BPA Communications Channel Analysis helps. It is a matrix of ALL channels reported, including channel overlap. For example, reviewing the table, 48,275 individuals receive The Criterion Magazine, of these:

  • 21,553 also received a daily e-newsletter
  • 3,100 also attended the Criterion event
  • 29,874 also received a monthly e-newsletter

This comprehensive picture shows how the media owner's audience CONSUMES the content and offers deep insights into your media buying strategy. For example, if this audience is your target, you quickly realize that you can use an e-newsletter AND an ad in the magazine for a continuity campaign because these individuals are receiving the messages!

All other figures in the column/row represent additional impressions in the other channels. Website (unique browsers), social media and other user data that cannot be integrated is reported, but it is not cross tabulated with other channel data since those channels cannot identify individuals by name. However, if a website requires registration, named users can be tracked for interaction with other channels.

This part of the BPA report is a great way to see your cross-selling possibilities!