BPA's Integrated Database Analysis is the perfect way to see UNIQUE individuals in the media owner's channels and discover the real value of what you are buying. That's because BPA, as the third-party auditor, brings the assurance you are looking for with the rigorous verification processes. And it starts with the data.

Let's face it: the "data" are the individuals in the media owner's audience. The challenge the owner – and you – face is identification of the "uniqueness" of the individual. A vertical media channel is utilized by the audience in many different ways. As the sophistication of the Internet developed, media owners were able to institute methods for "tracking" these people as they utilized their media offerings. And that's good news for you!


The Integrated Database Analysis reports Net Unique Individuals, Individuals Receiving Only One Channel and the Average Channels Received Per Individual. It's the perfect snapshot of the individuals in the media owner's audience. The Net Unique Individuals represent the number of unique records on the database file. In the example shown, there are a total of 65,613 unduplicated individuals within the database. One individual may receive multiple communication channels. The individual is counted in each of the individual channels reported, but only once in the Net Unique Individuals count. That is important for you to know because that, ultimately, is what you NEED to know!


"Can I Get More Information on the Business/Occupation breakout?"

Media owners voluntarily open their records to BPA for verification and pay a fee to do so. They join in membership with advertisers and agencies to provide truth and transparency to the industry. But, it is the media owner who goes through the rigorous process of preparing its audience for audit. In that process, the owner presents BPA the proof that "it is what it is." Many are happy to provide additional information if you ask them for it.

For example, you could request more information on ANY segment in the Business/Occupation breakout.