BPA's E-Newsletter Channel Analysis shows you the media owner's distribution e-strategy and recipients – a key factor for making your media buy. It helps answer the question of e-newsletter effectiveness because it gives you specifics about the media owner's strategy of distribution.

The BPA E-Newsletter table provides details of the outbound e-mail distribution of a media owner's daily, weekly and/or monthly e-newsletters. Daily e-newsletters are reported in a weekly average within the table. The media owner may also provide a general summary of each newsletter by date (excluding daily e-newsletters). E-newsletter recipients may be subscribers who made a direct request or "opt in" or who receive them without having specifically requested the newsletter. Any demographics reported must be current within 36 months.


In addition, the media owner may choose to report demographic data by business/industry and/or job title or job function. An advertiser or media buyer can use this data to better pinpoint the audience to whom they wish to specifically target.

Media owners may optionally report open rates and click-throughs. If this data is important to you, ASK FOR IT! Only if you ask will the media owner understand the importance of the data to you.

In other words, the E-Newsletter Channel Analysis from the BPA Brand Report shows you a picture of the distribution strategy AND the people who receive it. Combined with other parts of the BPA Brand Report, you make your media decision better.

For example, combined with the Unique Individuals Analysis section of the report, you have great tools to have an in-depth conversation with the media owner that might include the following points of discussion:

  • How many people receive all three newsletters?
  • Can you profile the people who only receive the weekly e-newsletter? According to your Unique Individuals Analysis, there are 2,009 people who only receive this newsletter. I'd like to know more about them.

These are just some of the discussions possible with BPA brand audits because our goal is to make your media buying better!