According to the Forrester Research (2015), B2B marketers spent 14% of their overall budget on Tradeshows, Conferences and Events, the largest amount of any other marketing channel. Other research indicates, 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. Despite this, exhibitors are continually uncertain of the quality of those who do attend. Are they the target market? Are they coming to the show with purchase power? Are they making critical buying decisions?

The BPA Event Channel in the Brand Report helps answer such questions. Our audits of attendance and audience demographics provide show organizers with independent, third-party certification of their registration data and verification process. The audit guarantees to exhibitors, sponsors and other stakeholders an accurate number and comprehensive profile of all markets represented.

The Event Channel provides detailed demographics and geographic breakouts of the attendees and helps set the ROO/ROI expectations by showing the value of the event through the quality of the attendance.

The audit is based on the registration database. The data reported are the result of actual counts from the answers given in registration. BPA reviews the registration process, recordkeeping systems and verification procedures. The attendance list is tested for duplication and accuracy in capturing demographic information. Finally, a sample of verified attendees is contacted to confirm attendance.

BPA Makes Media Buying AND Trade Show Analysis Better!