In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, insights and disclosure have never been more critical to making informed media evaluations. WHAT IS THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY IN A BPA AUDIT?


No time? The Executive Summary in a BPA Brand Report shows you a snapshot of EVERY channel you are buying from that media owner, saving you time and helping you better target your audience.

Everyone wants the "elevator pitch" these days. The Executive Summary of the BPA Brand Report is the "bullet points" of the audience analysis.

In it you'll see the media owner's platforms – digital, print, face to face – and requests or non-requests of digital issues. You'll see the audience size of different channels (i.e., newsletters, website, etc.). It's the quick overview of what you are buying or considering for purchase.

By condensing this information, the Executive Summary saves you time and helps you push your way through the vast number of choices you have today.

But rest assured: if they are not BPA audited, you can eliminate them from consideration because ONLY BPA provides the assurance of your purchasing decision.


"Should any audience that is not audited by BPA be eliminated from consideration?"

The answer is really a question: "Why would you trust an unaudited audience?" The purpose of BPA is to provide third-party assurance of the audience – of WHO is in that audience. The United States Post Office, for example, said that 39.9 million address changes were processed in 2011. That's 13% in just one year.

In business-to-business, the statistic is probably worse (just ask a room full of people how many have changed jobs in the past year, and many times half the hands go up). Who receives a message is important because that is what you are paying for. So the answer to the question is really with a question: Why risk deliverability when you have BPA assurance?