The geography breakdown of an audience is one of the most useful parts of the BPA report. In this section, BPA verifies the distribution of the media owner's audience into geography. That is, it provides a state-by-state and sometimes country-by country breakdown of the audience during the audit period.


Depending on the industry you are in, geography plays an important role in your media strategy. For example, a national strategy is different than a regional strategy. Using this section of the BPA Brand Report can uncover key facts about the audience you are considering.

The Geographical Breakout tells you the total number of qualified people in the standard geographic areas with subtotals for regional groupings. You may also see this analysis augmented by charts or maps.


In all cases, geography discussions will produce better media decisions – and they cannot occur without the BPA audit. Factoring in your file information will also provide another layer of accountability. For example, who does your sales force call on for your products? Are these people present in the media owner's audience?

BPA audits help you make better decisions, and when you utilize the geography portion of the report, you will be rewarded with remarkable discoveries.


"How do I understand the penetration of a state on a brand report for a specific market?"

You will always need an outside database against which to measure the penetration of any state on a BPA report. More importantly, often there are multiple people at a location receiving the magazine. You might ask the media owner to break out "by address" (street or e-mail) the number of message units going to a particular address. Then, compare it to your file for some important discoveries (i.e., how many more you have at some addresses than the media owner, and how many the media owner has at some addresses than you). The addresses the media owner has that you don't have are "new territory" for you perhaps.