BPA's Magazine Channel Analysis remains a key to SEEING magazine performance, which makes your media buying more effective. Because people receive their content in many different ways, magazines in particular, are continually questioned in terms of relevance. But the fact is, people read magazines. Simply go to a newsstand…or visit any professional office. You will see magazines are alive and well. But, only BPA can help you understand the audiences OF the magazines to help your media buying be better.


It starts with the Magazine Channel analysis within the BPA report, which is comprised of many different sections. Among them are those shown in the above tables. These tables give you a concise picture of the magazine's audience at the "30,000-foot" level, and are essential before you tackle other parts of the BPA report.

FIELD SERVED defines the market the media serves. Those individuals within the market (i.e. presidents, owners, engineers, etc.) who are qualified to receive the magazine are defined within the next paragraph, the DEFINITION OF RECIPIENT QUALIFICATION. Reading both of these paragraphs gives you the overview needed to determine if the audience is part of your target market.

AVERAGE NON-QUALIFIED CIRCULATION is the audience who do not meet the media's definition of field served and recipient qualification. For example, advertiser and sample copies fall into this category.

The AVERAGE CIRCULATION FOR THE PERIOD provides a summary of the magazine's average circulation activity for the period covered by the report. The type of circulation analyzed in this table—Individual, Sponsored Individually Addressed, Membership Benefit, Multi-Copy Same Addressee and Single Copy Sales—are standard for all publications and can be compared from one to another.

QUALIFIED CIRCULATION BY ISSUES reports the circulation activity in the period. It is the media owner's option to report those subscribers who have been added (Additions) and removed (Removals) from the subscriber database during the period.

With this information, you can see a quick overview of the media owner's audience to help make your media buying better!