BPA's Total Unique Individuals Analysis shows the audience breakdown by channel selection. For example, ONE or MORE THAN ONE channel can be selected by the audience, giving you insight into unique targeting and multichannel messaging. Because what makes targets unique in your media buying is knowing where they are, what they are consuming, and how. Like fingerprints identify ONE individual, BPA assurance helps you sort out unique people so you see the true audience you're aiming at.


In the example, which is different than the Communications Channel Analysis, you can see the same 48,275 total individuals who receive the particular magazine – but more in terms of their "uniqueness." For example, of that total, 8,815 are ONLY receiving the magazine. If you sum the "Single Channel Recipients," we have a total of 19,463 unique people on a channel-by-channel basis. Now we can make conclusions about each channel, including total receivership, multiple-channelindividuals, and single-channel people.


BPA's value to you is that we monitor and access the media owner's audience. The more you know about that audience, the better your media purchasing will be. If this were your target audience, you can now make the following observations:

  • There are 8,815 people who receive the magazine and nothing else from the media owner. You will never reach these people without using the magazine.
  • There are 15% more unique people who receive the daily e-newsletter than the weekly, indicating perhaps these people want to know NOW. A question to the media owner might be to "profile" these people for you by sharing their domain addresses (not their personal information).
  • The monthly e-newsletter has 81% more unique individuals than the weekly.
  • Because each channel has unique individuals, consideration might be given to utilizing all the channels to reach this audience if important to the marketing objectives. However, different message tactics should be used, as they are consumed differently (i.e., magazines are consumed differently than e-newsletters or events).

The Total Unique Individuals section of the BPA report, along with the Communications Channel Analysis, offers media buyers tremendous information about the targets they are aiming at with their messaging. BPA makes media buying better.